Ebbw Vale Cricket Club is One of the Best Clubs in the United Kingdom

Ebbw Vale is a small town in Wales that has a cricket club with a history that goes back 165 years. Thanks to the cricket school that the club set up, it looks like it will be around for many more years to come as well. We will now take a closer look at this wonderful cricket club.

This Club Does Not Discriminate Against Anyone

Ebbw-Vale-Cricket-Club Ebbw-Vale-Cricket-Club

The committee of the Ebbw Vale Cricket Club allows absolutely anyone to become a member of the club. It doesn't matter whether you are ten or seventy, you are welcome here. In fact, they have a player playing for them who is in his sixties.

It also doesn’t matter whether you have played cricket before or not. They are firm believers that you can start playing cricket at any age. They have a large number of members who have never played cricket before. They don’t mind this as they like the challenge of teaching newbies the technical side of the cricket as you can see by clicking here.

They Have Managed to Produce Quite a Few Good Players

Players that excel at Ebbw Vale Cricket Club go on to get selected to play for the different age groups in Gwent, with some even going on to play for Wales such as Jamie Nancarrow and Robson Blake.

For all the cricket clubs that are situated in the borough of Gwent, there is training for around ten weeks and then selection for the Gwent squad is made. Ebbw Vale has been able to produce so many talented cricketers thanks to the fact that they make sure that their members know that dedication and practice are the keys to success.

Everyone goes through bad patches of form, even English cricketers, but everyone needs to work through it when that happens. This is the same when cricket betting - there will be good times and bad times.

The History of Ebbw Vale Cricket Club

They have played cricket in the south of Wales since the 30s, but Ebbw Vale actually played their first match in 1852. This was actually the very same year that the town got its first railway service.

The club has always been in the same location (Eugene Cross Park), but back then it was known as the Welfare Ground. The club has a great cricket pavilion that was built in 1932 and if you are thirsty after a game of cricket or some training, you can quench your thirst at their licensed bar. In Wales, the club is known for its hospitality as they have always provided their opponents with a scrumptious spread after a match.

Playing-ball-through-covers Playing-ball-through-covers

Nowadays, the club has a first and second team that competes in league cricket on a Saturday morning. There is also an U9s, U11s, U13s, and U15s team, with girls welcome to play as well.

The club started its cricket school in 1963 and refurbished it in 1995. However, a few years ago it was under threat due to the local council having to make some financial cuts. However, it was saved thanks to the club’s directors. They had a meeting with the council who then agreed to transfer the ownership from them to the community. Nowadays, it is running perfectly, and many cricket enthusiasts are walking through their doors.

This club is definitely one that has the potential to be around for another hundred years or more. Those in charge will do their utmost to ensure that this is the case.

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