A Complete Breakdown of Cricket Gambling in India

Us Indians will bet on absolutely anything, but online cricket betting is definitely at the top of most of our lists. Furthermore, I don’t think that it is too far-fetched to say that we absolutely hate it when we go on a run of losses. However, if you take on board the great advice that we are about to give you, we are certain you will end up winning more than you lose.

What Are the Different Cricket Events That You Can Place Bets on?

Before we give you some fantastic tips, we think it is wise to fill you in with all of the greatest cricket events that are played on a regular basis. Why? Well, if you know when all the best events are, you will know when the best times to bet are. However, before betting on these great tournaments, we suggest having a look through this guide if you want to know how cricket betting works. It's imperative to actually understand the ins and outs of betting before wagering any money!

Cricket World Cup: This tournament comes about every four years and is closely watched by cricket fans all over the world. The last tournament took place in the summer of 2019 in England and was won by the hosts. The next edition will be played in India in 2023.

Twenty20 World Cup: There doesn’t seem to be any particular schedule for this world cup. It just seems that the International Cricket Council still it in wherever there is space. The next edition will be Down Under in 2020, while the following edition will be played in India the year after.

Twenty20-World-Cup Twenty20-World-Cup

Indian Premier League (IPL): This is one of the most popular T20 competitions in the world and attracts talented players from all over. It takes every year in March, April, and May.

Twenty20 Big Bash: While not as popular as the IPL, this tournament still has its fair share of fans. It is played every year in December, January, and February.

Vitality Blast: This tournament is played in England and Wales every year throughout the months of July, August, and September. The different counties are divided into two divisions based on their locality, and the top 4 teams from both groups advance to the next stage.

Great Tips to Help You Decide What Betting Site to Create an Account with

When making a final decision about which bookmaker to create an account with, there are some key things that you need to keep in mind. If you want more information about great cricket betting sites, feel free to visit https://www.cricket-betting-sites.in/.

Reputation: When you have finally found a sportsbook that you would like to create an account with, you should make an effort to find out what other gamblers think about them. You can do this by spending some time reading reviews about the sportsbook in question. If you come across a lot of negative comments, then it is probably best if you take your money somewhere else.

Odds: Not all sportsbooks were created equally, so you will find some with better odds than others. This is why you should take the time look around at different bookmakers before deciding which one to sign up to.

Security: Before you make an account with a bookmaker, make sure that they have acquired an SSL certificate. If a betting site is displaying such a certificate, you can be certain that your personal and bank details will be safe. If you cannot see an SSL certificate, then please go elsewhere.

customer-support customer-support

Customer Support: If you are interested in signing up to a bookmaker but find out that they provide poor customer service to the players, you should take your money somewhere else. Before you sign up, send their support team a generic question and wait for them to reply. If they take a long while to get back to you or if they give a less than satisfactory answer, forget about them and go to another sportsbook.

What Cricket Markets Will You Find at Different Cricket Betting Sites?

Cricket is the best sport to bet on as you will never get bored due to the fact that there are just so many different markets that you can bet on.

Trying to predict which team will be victorious is, without doubt, one of the more popular markets for fans to bet on. If you happen to be betting on a limited overs match, then your only option will be to try and predict which team will be victorious. This is because bookmakers rarely provide their customers with odds for a draw due to the fact that they are very rare. However, if you happen to be placing a bet on a test match, then you will have the option of going for a draw as these are much more frequent.

Those players who are feeling like Lady Luck is on their side can go for riskier markets such as trying to guess who will take the most wickets in a match or which batsman will score the most runs. These are much harder bets to win, but don’t let this put you off as the rewards are great should you get them right.

Other great markets that you can take advantage of in cricket include trying to predict which captain will win the coin toss, which team will score tens runs the quickest, whether a particular batsman will score a half-century or century, whether a team will score above or below a certain number of runs, and what team will score the most boundaries.